Plant Consultation

During a plant consultation, We assesses your plant needs. This included you space: sunlight, humidity, temperature, decor, etc. It also included a diagnosis of any plant issues you may be having. She gets to the "root" of the plant problem and recommends the necessary steps to save the plant(s)


Plant Shopping/Styling*

After your initial consultation, we does the running around for you to find those perfect plants and pots for your space and transports them to you. By assessing your lighting, humidity, lifestyle, space, and decor, we are able to recommend the perfect plants for you and your space. All you have to do is enjoy the new green babies! Each new plant purchased comes with a "How To Care Guide" on your newest plant(s)


Repotting can be scary for new plant parents. We brings all the repotting essentials: her own soil mix, fertilizer, new nursery pots, sheers, tarps and MORE. It's recommended to repot during the spring and summer.


Pest Control*

Unfortunately, pests happen and they come with the territory of owning plants. Spending almost half a year testing out mixtures and recipes, We are come up with the perfect homemade, all natural pest control mixture with easy to find ingredients. She also gives you the knowledge and tips on how to keep pesky fungus gnats at bay and how to avoid future bug infestations.


Routine Maintenance*

If you want consistent care for your plants, routine maintenance by Mazzeta Plants l makes sure your plants are getting what they need regularly. From watering, fertilizing, wiping leaves down and pruning, Mazzeta keeps your plants thriving all year round.


*Initial "Plant Consultation" must be booked before these services.


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