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In Miami, where yards and budgets vary, we're diversifying our design service options to cater to individual needs..



Tailored for clients in South Miami area, where they can approve a palette of plants and materials, placing trust in our design for the layout.


- Developing a plant and materials palette for your approval.

- Sourcing all materials from reputable local vendors.

- On-site design and layout by our designer.


Softscape Plan

Designed for individuals who require a visual concept before making a commitment or need a plan mandated.

This package includes:

 - A conceptual planting plan.

- A plant and materials palette featuring images and quantities.

 Additionally, you have the option to include an installation package if you are located within our service area.

Install Only

Ideal for those who already possess a plan created by a trusted designer. We provide you with a detailed cost estimate based on the existing plan and procure materials from top-notch local vendors


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