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Indio Terracotta

Indio Terracotta

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Indio Man Terracotta Planter Pot 009

Size :

H: 5.5'' Inch

W without handles 5,5'' Inch

W with handles 7'' Inch

Terracotta pots provide a rustic and earthy aesthetic to your garden or indoor space.
All our terracotta pots have a drainage hole, which allows excess water to run out of the bottom of the pot.
They are a great option for planting as they are made from natural clay which allows for good air circulation and drainage, promoting healthy plant growth.
We promote sustainable living while supporting Small artisans in Colombia , where they are handcrafted. These pots are not only eco-friendly, but also can be reused time and time again!

Please keep in mind that if you plant directly into the terracotta pot, the colour of your pot will change, painted colours will fade and limescale and mold can appear. If you want to prevent this, keep your plant in the plastic pot and place it into the terracotta pot.

Please keep in mind that these products are handmade, rustic and imperfect. The color and finish are always slightly different. Each piece is unique!


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